Stratford Child Support Lawyer

There are many difficult aspects of a Connecticut divorce—and often, the most difficult are those that involve children. When it comes to meeting a child’s needs, it is important to explore every option available to ensure that your child’s rights have been advocated for and protected. A dedicated Stratford child support lawyer may work with you as an advocate for your child’s best interests. A compassionate family lawyer can help you make sure your rights and interests are upheld as well.

Child Support Obligations

Connecticut General Statutes Section 46b-84 specifies child support obligations, as well as the state’s mandatory child support guidelines. While judges can deviate from these guidelines, doing so requires extraordinary circumstances.

Connecticut child support payments are determined using an income sharing model. This means that the net monthly salaries of both parents will be taken into consideration when determining the amount of child support that will be awarded. The court will also look at the number of children that may qualify for child support to determine a fair amount for a monthly child support payment after adjusting the payment.

It is often important to work with an attorney to determine how these payments will impact a divorce settlement. With the help of a Stratford child support lawyer, it is generally easier to start planning for the financial implications these payments might have after the divorce is finalized.

Educational Support Orders

When deciding on child support, divorce courts in Stratford, Connecticut will also consider educational support orders. These orders, defined in Section 46b-56c, require a parent to provide support for a child to attend an institute of higher education or a private occupational school for up to four full years in order to obtain an undergraduate degree or other vocational certificate. Connecticut educational orders are valid for children that have not yet turned 23 and will expire on the day the child in question turns 23.

Enforcement and Modification

Once a child support order has been entered, a parent is obligated to pay it. Voluntarily becoming unemployed or underpaid will not help an individual escape the amount they have been ordered to pay. In fact, a judge has the authority to impute income to both parents, including the spouse using these tactics. Failure to pay can result in wage garnishment or even jail time.

However, as a Stratford child support lawyer knows, significant life events may be grounds to request modification of a child support order. Circumstances that may call for modification might include the unintentional and unavoidable loss of a job, sudden unintentional and unavoidable financial constraints such as medical bills, and/or other significant changes in the income of either parent.

Importance of a Dedicated Stratford Child Support Attorney

When it comes to your child’s well-being, it is critical that you make the best and most informed decisions that you can as a parent. Part of that decision process may involve working with a compassionate Stratford child support lawyer who understands how much of an impact child support can have on all the parties involved.

If you are considering a Connecticut divorce and have concerns about child support, contact a Stratford child support attorney as soon as possible. An attorney understands the significant impact divorce and child support can have on your family, and can help you navigate the divorce process with you.