Stratford Mother’s Rights Lawyer 

If you are facing a separation or divorce, you may be concerned about what will happen to your children, especially if you need help getting financial support from your former spouse or petitioning for custody or visitation. To protect your rights, you may benefit from the assistance of a Stratford mother’s rights lawyer.

A seasoned family attorney could understand the law and how family law courts operate in Stratford. Furthermore, they may be able to explain options for your unique situation and what steps you could take to ensure a favorable outcome.

Best Interests of the Child

Custody and parenting plans must adhere to the best interests of the child standard. This means that any parenting plan, whether agreed between parents or court ordered, must primarily benefit the child’s life in the best manner possible.

Some of the factors the court may consider when reviewing an agreement or ordering custody are:

  • Each parent’s ability to meet the child’s general needs
  • Prior history of involvement in the child’s life
  • Ability to encourage a child’s relationship with the other parent
  • Capability for active involvement in the child’s life
  • The child’s wishes, depending on the age of the child

Sole and Joint Custody Arrangements

Custody can be awarded either solely or jointly, which means respectively that only one parent is responsible or that both parents share in the arrangement equally. There are also two different types of custody—physical and legal—that must be determined separately during a divorce.

Physical custody is where the child lives for most of the time. If physical custody is awarded solely to one parent, the other parent will have a parenting plan, also known as visitation. In the case of joint physical custody, the child lives with each parent for an equal amount of time.

Legal custody is the right to make important decisions regarding the child’s life such as religious upbringing, schooling, and healthcare. It is common for both parents to be awarded joint legal custody so both parents may participate in major life decisions for their child. A Stratford mother’s rights lawyer could help an individual reach a custody agreement that works for all parties involved.

Legal Presumption and Methods of Establishing Paternity

There is a legal presumption when a child is born to a married couple that the husband is the biological father. If a couple is unmarried, however, paternity must be legally established. Once paternity is determined, the mother may act through the courts to obtain services such as child support.

There are two ways to establish paternity for unmarried couples. One method is a document called a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity. Both parents may sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity that becomes final after sixty days. After that time has passed, neither parent may negate the document by withdrawing their acknowledgement.

The second method is more complicated and requires a petition to the court to establish paternity through genetic testing. The mother, presumed father, or the identified father may petition the court for such testing. Alternatively, either a welfare administrator or Department of Social Services agency may file for genetic testing.

Contacting a Stratford Mother’s Rights Attorney

The law can be complicated, so you may benefit from some solid legal advice.

Do not take risks with your future. Call today to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced Stratford mother’s rights lawyer and find out what your legal right and options are.