Stratford Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Although many bicyclists wear helmets when they operate their bicycles on the road, bicycle helmets can crack. Further, other than helmets, bicycles offer little protections and cyclists can sustain serious injuries. When a car or truck violently strikes a bicycle, the cyclist can fall to the ground and injure their necks, backs, arms, or legs, in addition to their heads.

Survivors of bicycle accidents often have to undergo serious medical procedures, along with months of medical treatment and physical therapy. Accident victims must also take time off work, resulting in lost income for them and their families. However, if the accident was caused by another, negligent party all of these damages are legally compensable.

If you were injured in a bicycle accident resulting from someone else’s carelessness, a Stratford bicycle accident lawyer can explain all your legal options. By handling all the legal details, a compassionate injury attorney can help you focus on your recovery.

When Negligent Driving Causes Accidents

Careless and negligent driving is one common cause of bicycle accidents in and around Stratford. However, negligent driving need not occur on the road or highway. It can also occur in parking lots, garages, and other areas where cyclists and pedestrians are present.

When motor vehicle drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, speed, weave in and out of traffic or allow their vehicles to cross over into a bicycle lane, they can cause serious accidents and injuries. In those cases, the injured bicyclist may be able to file a claim or lawsuit against the negligent driver.

Dooring Bicycle Accidents

Dooring accidents involving bicycles are prevalent in parking lots and on road shoulders. These accidents occur when car or truck drivers negligently open the door of their vehicle in the path of an oncoming cyclist, causing the cyclist to collide with the door and sustain serious injuries.

A forceful collision can even cause the cyclist to fall off their bicycle to the ground and sustain any of the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Road burns
  • Lacerations

The injured cyclist may then be eligible to file a claim or lawsuit against the negligent driver. To determine whether a claim is compensable, an injured cyclist should speak with an experienced Stratford bicycle accident attorney who can review the claim.

Seeking Compensation in Stratford

Stratford bicycle accident cases are often resolved via settlement or litigation in the state court system. Initial settlement offers from the driver’s insurance company are usually low. However, as the case progresses, these offers tend to increase incrementally.

At some point, the injured cyclist must decide whether they should accept the pending settlement offer or take the case to trial or some alternative dispute resolution proceeding. At trial, a panel of jurors will decide what damages to award the injured cyclist. A practiced Stratford bicycle accident lawyer can help a claimant determine the best course of action.

A Stratford Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

Bicycle accident victims can suffer serious damages for many years to come. These damages do not just include economic hardships, they can also include noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering, psychological harm, and emotional distress associated with the bicycle accident.

An experienced Stratford bicycle accident lawyer will understand the sufferings you experienced after your accident. They can help you choose the best option for pursuing damages in your case. Call today to set up a free consultation to learn more.