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Buses play a central role in supporting everyone’s morning commute, as well as transporting children to school each day. However, due to their size, they have the potential to inflict significant damage upon unsuspecting people.

Filing an injury claim may be difficult while you are trying to focus your energy on healing from your injuries. The legal support of a Stratford bus accident lawyer could help alleviate your anxiety and stress and provide direction moving forward. Consider speaking with a dedicated personal injury attorney to help you explore your options.

Seeking Damages for Bus Accident Injuries in Stratford

Bus crash plaintiffs in Stratford may seek economic, non-economic, punitive, and property damages that result from the accident. Plaintiffs seeking personal injury damages have two years to file their lawsuit under General Statutes of Connecticut §52-577b. Failing to meet the filing deadline may result in losing the ability to bring a lawsuit in court.

Economic damages cover monetary losses, including out-of-pocket expenses or medical bills that resulted from the accident. Emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life fall under non-economic damages, as they have less to do with financial losses but compensate for physical and emotional harm. Punitive damages, though rare, are awarded to punish the defendant for their wrongful conduct.

Fault Insurance in Auto Accident Cases

States are divided between two types of car insurance systems, fault and no-fault. In no-fault states, people injured in automobile accidents have fewer options for recovery. No-fault drivers injured in bus accidents are only able to file insurance claims with their own insurance company. They are also limited to their insurance coverage limits. In order to seek damages above the coverage limits, as well as noneconomic damages like pain and suffering, no-fault usually requires claimants to meet a “serious injury” threshold to qualify for further relief.

Under the fault system that Connecticut follows, drivers, as well as passengers injured in a bus accident in Stratford, may file an insurance claim with their own insurance, against the at-fault driver, as well as file a personal injury lawsuit.

What is Comparative Fault Liability?

Comparative fault standards help the courts determine how much a plaintiff may recover. Connecticut follows one of the two variations of the modified comparative fault rule called the 51 percent bar rule. Under General Statutes of Connecticut §52-572h, the 51 percent bar rule, plaintiffs are barred from recovering damages if they are found 51 percent or more at fault for causing the accident. If allowed to recover, the plaintiff’s damages would be reduced by the amount of fault they are found to have contributed to the crash. For example, if a plaintiff is found 40 percent at fault, their overall damages would be reduced by 40 percent of what they would have been entitled to receive. For help with recovering the maximum amount of damages owed to you, call a bus accident lawyer in Stratford today.

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Getting injured in a bus accident is a challenging experience. For some, the incident was entirely out of their control. An experienced Stratford bus accident lawyer could help you take control over your journey to legal recovery. You might be at a disadvantage without legal counsel helping you along the way. Leave the complex legal processes, filing deadlines, and arguing to your committed legal professional. To begin exploring your options for financial recovery and civil justice, call now and schedule a consultation.