Common Causes of Auto Accidents in Stratford

Car accidents are a common occurrence throughout Stratford. Common causes of auto accidents in Stratford occur may include speeding, reckless driving, and a failure to yield to drivers who have the right of way. Depending on the speed at which a vehicle is traveling and the conditions of the road and weather, certain accidents may be more severe than others. If you have been injured in an accident and wish to retain legal assistance, or if you simply wish to know more, contact an experienced car accident attorney today.

Drunk Driving

A case may be impacted when an accident is the result of drunk driving. The car crash may likely result in the arrest of the drunk driver. In regards to an injury claim, should the at-fault party be found criminally liable for causing an accident, it may be easier to obtain compensation if the accident resulted in a person’s injuries. Additionally, a victim may be able to recover double or even triple damages if their accident was caused by an intoxicated driver.


One of the more common causes of auto accidents in Stratford involves speeding. It is an unfortunate truth that accidents involving drivers traveling above the speed limit usually result in victims sustaining more severe injuries. In some cases, the driver who was speeding at the time of the crash may have also been impaired, leaving nearby drivers to fall victim to their negligence. If the person speeding was believed to be traveling 20 miles over the limit, it could be determined that they were engaging in reckless conduct, further increasing a potential compensation package for injuries.

Running a Stop Sign or Red Light

Accidents involving the running of stop signs or red lights often prove to be some of the more destructive. Victims may sustain horrific and life-altering injuries because they were hit at an angle which limited their protection from impact, such as a side-impact crash, or because the negligent driver was traveling at a high speed, ultimately plowing right into the unsuspecting driver. These accidents may cause fatal injuries, leaving the plaintiff open to a potential wrongful death suit being brought forth by the surviving family members.

Driving at Night

To some people, driving at night is extremely challenging due to a driver’s low visibility. Often times, these accidents are a result of a driver not having properly illuminated headlights. In other cases, the driver could have been speeding and was unable to see a pedestrian crossing the road. As a result, negligent drivers failing to prepare themselves to travel at night, or reckless drivers failing to take extra safety precautions, may be held accountable for damages should their carelessness be the reason for a person’s injuries.

Contact an Attorney Today

If you were the victim of one of the common causes of auto accidents in Stratford, you may be able to obtain compensation for your damages. An attorney could meet with you to discuss the circumstances of your offense and offer guidance on how best to pursue monies. In addition, an attorney may act as an advocate on your behalf when negotiating with opposing parties regarding settlement offers. If you wish to get started on your case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.