Calculating Damages in a Stratford Car Accident Case

Suffering injuries as a result of a car crash could prove to be a troublesome experience. Not only are you handed the burden of paying for expenses related to the car crash, but you are required to undergo the civil claims process in order to obtain the damages owed to you. Luckily, an experienced attorney could provide you with assistance such as calculating damages in a Stratford car accident case. For more information, or if you wish to enlist the services of a trusted injury lawyer, schedule a consultation today.

Calculating Non-Economic Damages

There is no formula for calculating non-economic damages sustained in a car accident. However, the case may be assessed based on a victim’s pain and suffering. If the case is not resolved, it would be taken to trial. The jury or judge assesses the case and makes a determination based on the evidence presented regarding the value of the case. This is based on what they feel to be fair, just, and reasonable compensation for the injuries suffered by the injured party.

Ways to Resolve an Auto Wreck Claim

There are multiple ways to resolve personal injury loss related to car accidents, these include direct negotiation between the parties on behalf of their attorney or with the insurance company. If that fails, the case could also be handled by a mediator. A mediator has experience in handling personal injury cases and could potentially place a value on the case.

If the case does not resolve at mediation, it may be possible to have arbitration. Arbitrations are mini-trials held in private law offices that are presided over by attorneys. In arbitration, an attorney determines the case value and informs the other parties as to how much money should be awarded for non-economic damages.

Role of a Lawyer in a Car Crash Case

One of the main roles of an injury lawyer in a car crash case is obtaining all the relevant medical records and bills needed for proving a victim’s injury. An attorney would also try to establish the severity of the accident through photographs, expert testimony, and other documents.

In more serious cases, a lawyer may retain the services of a video documentary company to create visual images of the injuries, pain, and suffering the victim is experiencing. These documentaries can be presented in mediation, or to the insurance company, to encourage a fair and reasonable compensation to the victim.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

Victims of a car crash should look to recover damages with the help of a lawyer for various reasons. A lawyer could help you to send letters to the appropriate insurance companies and manages all correspondence with other parties. An attorney could also work with you to obtain all relevant medical information including the medical bills and records attributed to the crash.

In addition, an attorney could help you with calculating damages in a Stratford car accident case. This type of assistance is extremely crucial when trying to obtain an accurate amount of damages that should be awarded to you.