Evidence in Stratford Car Accident Cases

Collecting evidence is a vital component of any legal case, whether it be criminal or civil. However, for a civil car accident case, the evidence necessary for proving negligence may be different and slightly more difficult compared to other cases. For an auto crash, pictures of injuries and property damage are essential for financial recovery. In addition, it may be wise to enlist the services of an expert witness to expand upon highly technical pieces of evidence. Doing so could positively impact the likelihood of submitting a successful injury claim.

However, the collection of evidence in Stratford car accident cases could prove to be difficult without the help of an experienced injury attorney. For more information, schedule a consultation today.

Assessment of Information

Evidence should be assessed on a case-by-case basis. There is no such thing one-play evidence collection plan for each case. Different information as it relates to how the accident occurred, what are the claims of the parties, and what the police have found would determine the investigation and what is necessary to conduct that investigation. However, this assessment of evidence may be difficult without legal assistance. Those determined to file a successful injury claim should retain legal when trying to obtain evidence.

Different Types of Evidence

Evidence can be available in various forms. One of the more common forms of evidence in Stratford car accident cases is photographs. Photographs may prove to be a vital piece of evidence in any injury case since it may give the jury an accurate depiction of injuries sustained as well as the severity of any property damage. In addition to photographs, other examples of insightful evidence may include:

  • Witnesses
  • Video surveillance
  • Body camera angles
  • Police reports

When expanding upon evidence in front of a jury, it may also be wise to hire an expert witness to give critical insight about a specific detail of the crash. An expert’s testimony could prove to be extremely valuable in a court of civil law.

Length of Time for Collecting Evidence

It can take a matter of hours or several months to collect evidence to be presented in court. While some people consider evidence to be only as physical evidence, it also includes witness statements. It is important that one makes those attempts early on in order to obtain all possible evidence.

Other pieces of evidence may take longer to collect than others. For example, photographs can be taken right after an accident occurs. On the other hand, it may take longer to reach out to a witness and record their account of what happened.

What Could an Attorney do to Help?

A car accident attorney could help you gather evidence by using investigation techniques and court investigators to obtain witnesses, secure physical evidence, and look for video surveillance. A lawyer may request records from police departments and can demand that they obtain information from the event data recorder, also known as the black box in vehicles. Further, an attorney may photograph evidence in Stratford car accident cases and begin documenting injuries. If you wish to take advantage of these services provided by legal aid, schedule a consultation today.