Filing a Stratford Car Accident Claim

To file a claim means someone informed the insurance company that they have been involved in a crash and they would like to make a claim for money damages like medical bills, property damage, loss, and the associated pain and suffering. It is similar to a lawsuit in which someone brings a claim.

Many times, lawsuits and claims are confusing as they are both claims for money damages. A claim is the process by which someone brings a claim prior to bringing a lawsuit. The case would be the name of a lawsuit. If you were injured in a car collision, reach out to a seasoned car crash lawyer. An experienced attorney could help you with filing a Stratford car accident claim.

Process of Filing a Car Wreck Case

The process of filing a car accident claim in Stratford starts with writing a letter, fax, or an email or using the claims handling system from the insurance company to file that there was an accident. If the injured person retains an attorney, the lawyer could help with filing the claim. In addition to a police report, a claim may include letters to the insurance companies or to the person at fault. The injured party will also want to inform their medical providers and employer that they have been involved in a car crash. This is imperative as this may allow them to recover benefits under their employee plan.

What Must be Included in a Car Accident Claim?

What must be included in a car accident claim in order for the claim to be viable in Stratford court is information like insurance coverage and the person who caused the crash and their coverage. Also, for a viable claim, the claimant must have either suffered injuries or damages as a result of the car crash. They may not bring a claim just for a crash occurring. In a claim, there must be some level of damage or injury.

Steps to Take Before Filing a Claim

There are some crucial first steps a plaintiff and their attorney will want to take before filing a Stratford car accident claim. It is important that they document all of their injuries. If a claimant is seriously injured, typically the police will document the injuries. They will take photos at the scene and conduct an accident reconstruction. Attorneys could also do this, and oftentimes are the persons who inform, take, and document those claims.

If the individual does not suffer an injury in which they are unable to walk around, then they should take photographs or videos from the scene of the crash. Furthermore, if they go in an ambulance and they do not have access to a camera or are unable to take photos of the crash, they could do so in the days following the crash by going to the scene of the crime. It is essential that they document the crash, regardless of their medical treatments.

If the victim has been injured in the crash, they need to seek medical attention. Attorneys often engage in the intense investigation of the claim. It does not only involves who is at fault for the crash, but it involves detailing the available photographic evidence, such as body cameras, 911 tapes, witnesses, and other documents with information related to a claim.

How a Stratford Lawyer Could Help with Filing a Car Accident Claim

It is imperative to retain experienced legal counsel when filing a Stratford car accident claim. Whether it happened on Main Street in Stratford, on Interstate 95, on Route 8, or on Route 15, an accomplished injury attorney is going to be able not only to have the factual background and the experience, but also the knowledge and know-how to properly bring a claim to make sure they secure the maximum recovery possible for the injured victim. Someone who does not have the experience of bringing these types of claims could be subject to pitfalls or other mistakes.

Furthermore, Stratford legal counsel has experience handling insurance claims directly from the insurance companies. If you were injured in a wreck, call today and learn more about how an attorney could help you with filing a claim.