Stratford Head-On Collision Lawyer

A head-on collision is one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. Head-on car wrecks can be fatal and lead to long-term injuries. A head-on collision is when a person either loses control, veers off, or crosses the dividing line of the roadway and subsequently crashes directly head-on or sideswipes the individual driving in the opposite direction. If you or a loved one was injured in a head-on collision, you should reach out to a dedicated car accident attorney. Call a Stratford head-on collision lawyer to learn how a legal professional could help you recover damages.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding Head-On Car Accidents

A common fact pattern surrounding head-on collisions is distracted driving. A driver may be using a cell phone, checking their GPS, or otherwise operating their car while distracted, causing them to veer off into the other lane. Another common situation is when a person who is intoxicated is unable to control their vehicle. These can be some of the most dangerous crashes because of the speed and forces that are applied in these types of car accidents.

Injuries Associated with Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are some of the most serious crashes because both vehicles are traveling at high rates of speed, or at least they are both traveling forward toward each other, which increases the forces on the bodies in the crash. These collisions often cause fractures, head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and injuries to the neck and the spinal cord. Such injuries can be more severe because of the type of collision, and airbag deployment can cause airbag burns and other issues associated with the safety systems of the vehicles.

It is critical for injured individuals to follow up with their doctors following a head-on collision. Medical doctors have the training and experience necessary to help patients recover from car crashes injuries.

How is Fault Assigned in a Head-On Car Crash?

Fault in head-on collisions is often assigned as a result of an investigation by police. It varies from case to case based upon the facts and circumstances of each crash. For example, liability typically relies upon witness statements, evidence, debris fields, and where it is clear that one of the drivers acted negligently.

Factors that could impact liability in head-on collision cases include determining the exact locations of the vehicles at the time of the crash. Accident reconstruction teams can determine who was at fault for the crash. This can become a “he said/she said” disagreement if the crash occurs very close to the yellow or double yellow line. Lawyers work to obtain evidence, statements, and data from the event data recorders within the airbag system or within the vehicle to determine the location and the speed of the vehicle at the time of the collision. Therefore, it is essential for injured individuals to contact a head-on collision lawyer in Stratford as soon as possible.

Punitive Damages

Under General Statute 14-295, Connecticut law provides for punitive damages under certain situations. If someone is traveling at an excessive speed, operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or distracted at the time of a collision, the injured person might be able to recover for punitive damages. Punitive damages in Stratford include the doubling or tripling of any judgment verdict from a jury as well as an award of attorney’s fees.

Call a Stratford Head-On Collision Attorney

A Stratford head-on collision lawyer could help one with recovering evidence following a car crash. There are many factors to consider when reviewing the facts of a head-on collision case in Stratford. For help with this process and greater understanding of Stratford law, contact a skilled car accident lawyer who has experience in dealing with head-on collision cases. It is better to have a sense of clarity when dealing with a traumatic event such as this rather than being shocked by the legal process that follows.

Call today and let an experienced attorney help you recover damages.