Stratford Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

Being involved in an automobile crash can be frightening and lead to severe injuries, as well as financial strain and personal losses. Therefore, many injured motorists choose to pursue compensation against an at-fault driver.

However, when a negligent motorist flees the scene of a crash, an injured driver may feel confused and unsure of how to proceed. If you were injured in a crash with a fleeing motorist, consider reaching out to a Stratford hit-and-run accident lawyer to discuss seeking compensation. Call today and set up a consultation with a skilled car collision attorney.

How is a Hit-and-Run Defined in Stratford?

Under Stratford and Connecticut law, a hit-and-run is when someone is struck by a motor vehicle, who does not stop but instead continues to drive. Naturally, when a driver does not stop after a crash, it may prove difficult to try to recover any form of compensation.

Some common facts surrounding hit-and-runs are that they tend to occur later in the evening and are often on highways— including the Merritt Parkway, Routine 15, Route 8, and Interstate 95. Furthermore, they usually involve drivers who are either unlicensed or under the influence of alcohol or drugs and, therefore, do not want to be identified at the scene of an accident.

A hit-and-run case differs from other types of car crashes cases primary in that there are different issues regarding insurance. If the person is caught fleeing the scene, an injured driver may be able to recover compensation from that person’s insurance. If, however, the driver successfully gets away, an injured motorist would have to file a claim through their own insurance company. A knowledgeable Stratford hit-and-run accident lawyer could help a claimant to assess their options for recovery after a collision.

Recoverable Damages After a Driver Flees the Scene

Like other accident claims, an injured claimant may be able to recover damages for their injuries, lost wages from work, decreased earning capacity, pain and suffering, and other damages—such as their damage to their vehicle, if they purchased the correct insurance policy.

Furthermore, depending on the circumstances of the case, punitive damages may also apply. Punitive damages in Connecticut include the attorney’s fees, as well as the possibility for an award to be doubled or tripled. For more information about recovering damages following a hit and run collision, reach out to a dedicated and experienced lawyer today.

How a Stratford Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were injured in a car crash where the at-fault motorist fled the scene, consider reaching out to a Stratford hit-and-run lawyer to discuss your legal options. A tenacious and well-versed attorney could help to investigate the circumstances of a crash, help to find the at-fault driver, and file a claim through the appropriate legal channels.

Navigating the legal system alone can be difficult, especially when the negligent party is not clear. By working with a legal professional, you could rest assured that you have a valuable ally on your side. Call today to discuss seeking compensation.