Multiple Defendants in a Stratford Car Accident Case

When trying to present a claim for car accident injuries, you may have to hold various parties accountable for their negligence. Unfortunately, this may require much more energy and effort from the plaintiff.

In order to present a claim against multiple defendants in a Stratford car accident case, you should retain the services of a skilled injury attorney. A lawyer could help you organize a claim which may effectively hold all accountable parties liable for your damages.

How Could the Outcome of a Case be Influenced

In a case dealing with multiple defendants, the litigation process would proceed according to the order of the pleadings. The order of pleadings is determined by the order in which the defendants are listed within the complaint or the lawsuit paperwork.

When presenting a claim against multiple parties, victims should understand that there are multiple opportunities for the recovery of compensation. This is due to the fact that multiple insurance companies may be involved. Should a claim prove to be successful against the parties at-fault, the reward could be substantial.

Alternatively, this would also mean that a jury would have an opportunity to assess responsibility for the crash amongst several parties instead of one. Cases with multiple defendants can, at times, have an increased jury verdict or settlement.

Issues with Health Privacy Laws Regarding Multiple Defendants

Unfortunately, in these types of cases, while the court will do everything in its power to limit information getting out, the court is public record. Meaning issues such as pain, injuries, medical treatment and even, at times, mental health can be discussed in open court. However, in order for someone to review those records or to hear that testimony, they would have to order a transcript as well as order copies of the exhibits which cost money, and those are not usually readily accessible online.

Presenting an Argument to Multiple Defendants

There are two ways in which a car accident lawyer would present their arguments to multiple defendants. They can present their argument individually to each defendant, or they can present it all together. For example, if the case is worth $100,000, they can ask for it between all of the defendants, or if there are four defendants, they could ask for $25,000 from each defendant.

How Could an Attorney Help?

By having an attorney at your side, you may be able to overcome the mountain that is holding multiple parties accountable for your injuries. A lawyer could leverage their experience in a way that would benefit you in the settlement process as well as the trial process. In order to avoid saying anything which could damage your claim, an attorney could act as an advocate on your behalf when possible. If your injuries are so serious that it would require your total attention to heal, a lawyer could take on the responsibility of filing your claim meanwhile you focus on healing.

To get started on a claim, or for more insight regarding the presentation of a claim against multiple parties in a Stratford car accident case, be sure to reach out to an attorney today.