Stratford Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Seeking compensation following a parking lot accident could prove to be difficult due to the lack of traffic signs in a parking lot. This makes presents a challenge to victims wishing to hold someone accountable for their negligence. However, a dedicated accident attorney could help you identify the parties at fault and help you seek the compensation you deserve. To get started on your case, contact a Stratford parking lot accident lawyer today.

Unique Aspects of a Parking Lot Accident

Unlike other forms of car wrecks, parking lot accidents are not governed by the traffic laws in the State of Connecticut. However, police still maintain the duty to report to the scene of the parking lot crash and aid with the exchange of information and calling for medical assistance when necessary.

Law enforcement officers also do not have the authority to issue fault or issue a traffic infraction in a parking lot accident. Parking lots are not always clearly marked as to which lanes to use and street signs could potentially be marked down. Given these circumstances, there is a reduction in signage that would normally exist in a public roadway.

Significance of Speed Limit and the Presence of Pedestrians

Speed limit signs are usually not present in parking lots. However, drivers should never speed through a parking lot. Since pedestrians are often present within parking lots, drivers should always be aware of pedestrian traffic. Furthermore, parking lots may have tight corners which may require drivers to proceed slowly through the corner. Refusal to do so could result in a collision.

Insurance Company’s Treatment of Parking Lot Accidents

Insurance companies tend to be skeptical about accidents. In most cases, they would go out of their way in order to decrease the amount they would have to pay out in an injury claim. However, a Stratford parking lot accident can help victims hold insurance companies accountable to pay the full compensation the victim deserves.

Impact of Contributory Negligence

In order to recover compensation in a car accident from injuries resulting in a pedestrian accident, the driver who was at fault must be found to be at least 50 percent at fault for the accident.

In the event of a parking garage crash involving a pedestrian failing to use a crosswalk when crossing the street, the victim may not be able to recover total compensation for their losses. For example, if a driver was speeding and/or not paying attention to the road and struck a pedestrian in the process, the driver would be held liable. However, if the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk at the time of the accident, they may not be able to recover the total amount of compensation they may be entitled to.

Qualities to Look for in an Attorney

When looking for an attorney, it is important to hire someone who understands the characteristics specific to parking lot cases. Victims should also hire an attorney who has access to various resources such as private investigators and accidents reconstructionists. Luckily for victims in the Stratford area, there are lawyers who fit this description.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury while walking or driving through a parking garage, be sure to get in touch with a Stratford parking lot accident lawyer for assistance. Schedule a consultation to get started working on your case today.