Stratford Rental Car Accident Lawyer

When a person rents a vehicle. they should feel the need to drive cautiously. However, not all drivers who rent vehicles take this notion into account. In fact, many accidents involve rental cars conducted by drivers who are unfamiliar with the car or area they are in. Considering the complicated nature of such a case, it is recommended to get in touch with a skilled attorney for legal assistance. A Stratford rental car accident lawyer may be able to help you obtain compensation for any injuries and settle any disputes with the insurance and/or rental company.

What Constitutes a Rental Car?

A rental car is a car being used by someone who is not the owner for payments. The rental car is usually obtained from any of the common rental car companies such as Enterprise, Hertz, Dollar, or other rental car companies in the area.

Rentals are often purchased in the form of short-term leases. Most of the time, short-term leases involve the rental of trucks, especially in the delivery area. Given the complications that may involve an accident with a rental car, victims should retain the services of a Stratford rental car accident lawyer today.

Insurance Coverage for Rental Cars

Insurance is required under Connecticut Law for anyone who owns a vehicle. When an individual drives a vehicle that is owned by a relative, friend, or employer, the insurance on the vehicle follows the car. When someone drives a car they own, they have insurance for the vehicle. A rental car may have multiple different levels of insurance. Under a federal law known as the Graves Amendment, rental car companies or leasing companies are not required to carry insurance on their vehicle for liability. The liability insurance or insurance for causing injuries to another follows the driver.

When someone owns a car and they rent a different car, usually their own insurance would follow them while they use the rental car. The insurance for the car they own applies to the car they rent. Rental car companies also offer insurance for purchase as part of the rental period. If a person rents a car for two weeks, the rental company provides them with special insurance that would cover them for any collisions they are involved in. Many credit card companies also offer rental car insurance of different types.

Recognizable Fact Patterns Regarding Rental Accidents

In rental car accidents in Stratford, a common fact pattern is that a driver is operating a vehicle they are not used to because people often rent cars that are different from the cars they own. Being unfamiliar with a rental vehicle could cause accidents.

There are significant issues involving the commercial rental of vehicles and those vehicles being involved in accidents. There delivery vehicles or vehicles that are used for commercial purposes that are rentals. Persons often rent them through a U-Haul or Ryder Truck company. The vehicle is not owned by the person driving it, but is rented or leased. Those trucks could be involved in car accidents. There are car accidents involving rental cars where someone is not used to driving at all or rarely drives, uses a rental car for travel or for business, and causes car accidents.

Retain the Services of a Stratford Rental Car Crash Attorney

Being involved in an accident is a stressful situation to find yourself in. Your stress could be especially heightened when the accident involves a rental car. Victims could not only suffer severe injuries, but incur expensive costs as a direct result of the crash. Fortunately, those who have suffered such damages can hold the negligent driver accountable for their recklessness. Given the special circumstances regarding a rental car wreck, contact a Stratford rental car accident lawyer today.