Stratford Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident in Stratford occurs when one car strikes another car with such force that it rolls over, either onto its side or onto the roof. This type of wreck is known to cause significant damage to property as well as significant injuries to victims. Due to the fact that victims of rollover accidents suffer are more likely to suffer serious injuries, it may be worthwhile to explore the services a dedicated car accident attorney could provide. A Stratford rollover accident lawyer may be able to help you obtain the outcome you deserve.

Common Fact Patterns Surrounding a Rollover Accident

In Stratford, the most common location for rollover collisions is on Routes 8 and 15, also known as the Merritt Parkway. This also includes portions of Interstate 95. The reason rollovers are most common there is because the speed at which people are traveling on the highway makes them more susceptible to rolling over in collisions. Furthermore, rollover collisions often occur at night and are often caused by a driver who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or engaged in distracted driving.

Difference Between Rollover Accidents and Other Types of Accidents

Rollover accidents involve enough force to cause a car to flip over onto its side or roof. That force often causes some of the most serious injuries in car collisions. They are different from less-serious collisions because of the exerted force and the injuries that it can cause.

Furthermore, although vehicles are designed to take impacts, they are not always designed to take impacts on the roof of the vehicle. Most cars are designed for rear-end or side-impacts, making rollover accidents much scarier to experience.

For example, at the initial strike, airbags may deploy and that may help to prevent injuries in the initial collision. As the vehicle is rolling over, however, those airbags can deflate because the rollover takes so long, exposing the occupants to additional injuries. There may also be other injuries related to the spine and the head. In most cases, the head is moving with such force that concussions are likely to occur in rollover collisions.

How to Document a Rollover Accident

The first thing that someone should do in a rollover collision is to call the police. Certain states, including Connecticut, have regulations requiring that a person involved in a rollover collision to be seen at a hospital. If for some reason they are able to walk away or leave the scene of the crash or exit their vehicle without assistance, they should also document the scene, take photographs of the vehicles at rest, and of any other important information.

Most important, however, is the victim’s health. It is critical that victims go to a hospital after a rollover accident because people may suffer organ damage, punctured lungs, brain injuries, and several fractures in rollover collisions. Once their injuries have been addressed, it is also important that they call a Stratford rollover accident lawyer. A skilled attorney could provide assistance and guidance, given the severe nature of the crash.

Importance of Contacting a Stratford Rollover Accident Attorney

Being the victim of a rollover accident is a tough and painful experience to recover from. Victims could suffer an array of injuries, such as neck, back, and head injuries. Treatment for these injuries could prove to be very expensive. With this in mind, it may be beneficial for you to reach out to a Stratford rollover accident lawyer for help with creating an injury claim. By working with an attorney, you may be increasing your chances of being able to recover compensation for your injuries.