Stratford Car Accident Settlements

When trying to obtain compensation for damages, you may be confronted with the issue of determining whether you should take a case to trial or negotiate a settlement. Both options come with risks, however, both options may carry some advantages that are worth thinking about. If you have recently been presented with this dilemma and wish to analyze every aspect of this decision, get in touch with an experienced attorney regarding Stratford car accident settlements.

Potential Settlement Options in an Auto Accident Case

Stratford car accident settlements are typically negotiated between the insurance company and the attorneys for both the plaintiff and the defendant. If they come to an agreement regarding the amount of compensation to be awarded, the case would be settled via a settlement release. Payment must be made within 30 days of the release being sent, executed in the sense to the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, and/or the insurance company.

In addition, settlements could be made for property damage or other times lost in a crash, such as personal belongings. However, property damage settlements are often separate from the personal injury settlement, although it could involve a similar fact pattern as far as making a demand for any property damage and negotiating with the insurance company until payment is made.

What to Have Prepared for an Initial Consultation

When preparing for an initial consultation with a car accident attorney, it is recommended for individuals to take with all their documents relating to the crash. In most cases, law enforcement would provide to all parties involved in a car crash a police information sheet. That sheet would have the basic information about the crash, including the report number, the insurance information for all of the parties involved, as well as the names and addresses of the persons involved in the crash. If a person has this document, they should take it to the initial consultation.

It is important to note that at the initial consultation, it is okay if they do not have any documentation at all. It is the attorney’s job to investigate, determine, and obtain all the necessary documentation and information related to the car crash.

Reasons for Deciding Whether to Settle Rather than go to Trial

The decision to settle rather than go to trial belongs to the injured party. While attorneys make determinations or recommendations as to what would be a reasonable settlement range or what would be a reasonable idea to resolve a case, it is the victim’s decision to settle a case, go to trial, or go to an arbitration or mediation.

Reasons to Refuse a Settlement Offer Instead of Going to Trial

In the event that the settlement amount offered to the victim is not deemed reasonable, the victim can decide to turn down the settlement and take the case to trial instead. In most cases, it is an attorney’s recommendation to push forward with escalating litigation. There have been numerous events in the past in which the insurance companies may increase their offer afterward.

However, victims should take into account the risk associated with a trial. Should the jury award the victim with a number significantly less than what they were expecting, there may be no way to increase compensation.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney

Injury cases are often complex due to the various ways in which you could obtain compensation. In many cases, victims may decide to go to trial instead of taking a settlement. However, in other cases, victims have been known to accept a settlement because they believed the settlement properly took into account the compensation they believe they were entitled to.

If you are currently faced with the decision of accepting a settlement, contact an attorney regarding Stratford car accident settlements. A lawyer could sit with you to review the facts of your case and advise you on your next course of action.