Process of Settling a Stratford Car Accident Claim

When you are injured in a car accident, you may feel uncertain about your future as you begin to think about how expensive it would be to have your car repaired and any medical costs associated with your injuries. Fortunately, victims may be able to obtain compensation through a civil suit or a settlement amount.

In the event that the other party has offered a settlement, it is important to understand the process of settling a Stratford car accident claim. An experienced attorney could provide you with more specific details regarding this concept and could also assist you in determining whether the settlement amount merits acceptance.

Next Steps for Settling a Case

One of the first steps of the process of settling a Stratford car accident claim is making a determination of the net amount of money a person would receive after the settlement. For example, if a victim was offered a $90,000 personal injury settlement, they would have to take into account an attorney’s fees and other associated costs, such as liens and payback for medical bills. In order to avoid signing an unfair settlement agreement, it is strongly recommended for victims to allow an attorney to examine the details of a settlement and determine how much money belongs to them.

Once the determination is complete, the victim would then sign documents called the release. This should be reviewed by their attorney and signed if they are acceptable. Once those documents are signed, they are sent to the insurance company, the defendant, or the defendant’s attorney to be submitted to the insurance company. The insurance company then has 30 days to issue payment. The payment is typically issued to or paid to the attorney for the plaintiff or the person injured.

Once that happens, the attorney for the person who is injured must deposit that money into their state-monitored trust account. Once the money is received, the attorney has to allow that money to clear its checking or its trust account.

Details to Take into Account When Accepting a Settlement

The most important thing that the injured person should take into account when considering a settlement is the future. For example, in most cases, victims may have to determine how their injuries would affect their daily lives moving forward. If surgery is required, victims may have to take off from work, potentially losing out on the ability to work and generate income. In addition, an injured person would have to plan for the

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

For help with undergoing the process of settling a Stratford car accident claim, it may be beneficial to retain the services of an experienced attorney. An attorney familiar with settling auto wreck claims may be able to leverage their knowledge and administrative support to ensure that you are awarded the amount you deserve. Most victims who have successfully settled a deserved amount have stated that not only were they happy with the result, they were most pleased with the professionalism provided by an attorney. If you wish to take advantage of these benefits, schedule a consultation today for legal assistance.