Preventing Stratford Teen Driver Car Accidents

As a parent, you may feel worried about letting your child drive for the first time. There are many risks associated with driving, but as a parent, there are certain measures you could take to help your child avoid being the victim of an auto wreck. Continue reading below, or get in touch with a seasoned attorney, to learn more about preventing Stratford teen driver car accidents. Doing so could be the difference between a minor injury and a catastrophic injury.

Common Fact Patterns Regarding Teen Driver Accidents

In Stratford, the most common teen-driving car crashes typically involve distractions such as the use of a cellphone, underestimation of the braking distance of a vehicle, and driving under the influence of a substance, such as marijuana, alcohol, or drugs. Generally, teen drivers have less experience and do not have a full understanding of how difficult it could be to maneuver and operate a vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds.

Risks Associated with Teen Driving

The primary risk associated with teen driving is the health and safety of the driver and passengers in the vehicle, as well as other drivers on the roadway. Issues regarding driving at night, driving while tired, alcohol and drug use, speeding, and not taking safe driving seriously are also risks which could cause an accident. There have been significant teen-driving crashes in and around the area of the Stratford high school and in the evening hours leaving victims with numerous injuries.

What Should Teen Drivers Know about Being in an Accident?

Teen drivers should make sure that if they are injured, they address their injuries and call an ambulance if necessary. Further, they should make sure that the police are called to the scene. It is also recommended that parents go to the scene of the crash to support their child if at all possible.

Documenting the collision as it occurred is critical, but not more important than the health and safety of the drivers and passengers involved in the crash. Once injuries are assessed, it is essential that they inform the police officer as to what happened. It is also critical to note that just because they are a young driver involved in a crash does not necessarily mean it was their fault.

Steps Parents Can Take to Prevent an Accident from Happening to their Child

Parents of teen drivers should make sure that their child has proper insurance on the vehicle they are driving and that it is in quality condition. Parents should also make sure that their child’s driver training continues through the first year or two after they receive their license.

For preventing Stratford teen driver car accidents, however, it is important that their child has the highest possible level of driving skill. To attain that, parents should spend significant time in the car with their child, making sure they are able to drive and give them advice and education as to the power, weight, stopping distance, speed, and other aspects of operating the motor vehicle.

Importance of Consulting with an Attorney

Teen drivers undertake a massive responsibility when they first begin to drive. Not only are they to learn the rules of the road, but they are to do so without causing harm to other drivers via an accident. However, just because they are in an accident does not mean that they were the cause of the accident. On the contrary, many teen drivers end up being the victim of an auto accident. Parents could take steps to prevent such accidents from occurring. For more information about preventing Stratford teen driver car accidents, contact an attorney today.