Stratford Car Accident Trial Process

When a person suffers an auto injury, they should take the appropriate measures to hold the at-fault party accountable. Unfortunately, not all cases are finalized in a fast and efficient manner, and a trial proceeding may be necessary. In the event a car accident claim reaches a trial, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney. A lawyer could guide you through the entire Stratford car accident trial process in an effort of helping you obtain a favorable outcome.

Selecting a Jury for a Stratford Car Wreck Trial

A car accident case usually begins with a meeting with the judge to discuss the schedule. Once the schedule is set, the jury selection process would begin. The jury selection process is an opportunity for a lawyer to interview jurors individually and meet with several different panels or groups of jurors. Connecticut has a jury interview process called voir dire. During this process, a lawyer would interview each juror individually. This process usually takes three to seven days.

Process of a Court Trial for an Auto Accident

Once the jury has been selected and interviewed, the jury would be asked to sit and listen to the evidence. The trial process would then begin in regards to opening statements, presentation of evidence by the plaintiff, any response by the defendant, then the closing arguments, and then the jury verdict. There may be numerous post-judgment motions and other hearings that lawyers have to address, which can increase the amount of the award to the plaintiffs.

At the point that judgment enters, that is when the case is completed. Then, in most cases, the insurance company would pay the entirety of the judgment. In other cases, they may take an appeal, extending litigation.

Important Elements to Focus on in an Auto Accident Case

There are two primary elements that litigators may focus on, liability and damages. Liability can be easily assessed depending on the type of accidents. If an accident involved a rear-end collision, the person who struck the other person from behind is typically held responsible. However, for other types of crashes including left turns, stop signs, and stop lights, liability may not always be clear and obvious.

Regarding damages, an attorney’s main task is to try to recover the total amount of damages owed to the plaintiff. Damages may include economic losses such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. Non-economic damages, including intangible factors such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, would also be included in the calculation of damages.

Factors to Always Keep in Mind Regarding Auto Accident Trial Cases

Stratford car accident litigators would like everyone to know that litigation, including the filing of a lawsuit, discovery, depositions and the trial itself, are all part of the claims process. Cases can settle prior to litigation, during litigation, at the immediate start of litigation, or after various litigation events. Just because a lawsuit is filed does not mean it will settle until the trial. Unfortunately, insurance companies have become more and more stringent in paying claims, which has caused an increase in the necessity to file lawsuits.

To learn more, or if you wish to bring forth a claim, schedule a consultation today.