Common Causes of Stratford Motorcycle Accidents

There are numerous ways for a motorcycle accident to occur in Stratford. Some of the more common ways may include misjudging the speed of another vehicle, failing to yield, and not leaving enough space for a turn to stop or turn. Specific factors could also impact the severity of a motorbike crash, such as the state of the road or weather conditions. However, most crashes are preventable and are typically caused by the actions of a negligent driver. If you have suffered such injury, it may be wise to consult with an experienced attorney about how to move forward with the collection of compensation.

Factors That Could Lead to a Motorbike Injury

One of the more common ways in which a motorcycle crash could occur involves a higher rate of speed. When a person is driving excessively fast, it becomes more difficult for them to stop. Motorcycles could be difficult to see from a far distance, and a slight distraction from driving could lead someone to crash into an unsuspecting motorcyclist.

Upon changing lanes, drivers have the responsibility to make sure that they can safely do so. Unfortunately, some motorists change lanes without checking their surroundings and could cause an accident due to their carelessness. Motorcyclists, in particular, may be hard to watch out for since they could easily hide in someone’s blind spots. It is up to a driver to ensure that the coast is clear for lane switching.

Specific Conditions in Stratford Allowing for a Motorcycle Wreck to Occur

There are many conditions that could cause a motorcyclist to crash. In regards to the roads themselves, potholes could form in the middle of a busy road. If a motorcycle were to traverse through the pothole, they could be at risk of crashing their bike.

Horrid weather conditions may also increase the likelihood of a motorcycle accident. Stratford is located in proximity to a shore, allowing for rainfall to be much more prominent in this area. As a result, wet roads could cause surfaces to be slippery. When temperatures drop below freezing, roadways could become icy, making it extremely difficult to stop. Cars failing to drive at a slower rate of speed than usual could lose control of their vehicle and crash into unsuspecting motorists.

Difference Between Motorcycle Accidents and Car Crashes

In a motorcycle accident, it is very common to see victims sustain severe injuries. Due to a lack of protection from other drivers, motorcyclists are highly susceptible to suffering catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and nerve damage. Although auto crashes are severe, car passengers have much more protection than the average motorcyclist, and as a result, are likely to suffer mild injuries.

Learn More From a Professional Legal Advocate

Upon speaking with an experienced attorney, you will find out that there are various methods for holding a negligent party accountable for their careless actions. Through the process of an injury claim, you may be able to recoup damages owed to you. The act of preparing an injury case could be time-consuming and could take away from your medical treatment. Fortunately, a lawyer could undertake most of the legal responsibility while you focus on healing from your injuries. To get started, schedule a consultation today.