Reasons for Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Stratford

When victims suffer a motorcycle injury, they may feel inclined to take on most the responsibility that comes with filing a claim. They may do this in order to complete the claims process as quickly as possible. However, it is strongly recommended that victims to do no adopt this strategy to their case. Instead, victims should seek the services of an attorney who has years of experience in dealing with these types of claims. Deciding not to do so could be detrimental to efforts for recovering compensation for damages sustained. To learn more, or to get started on a case, schedule a free consultation today to review the legal options available to you.

Cons of Refusing to Work with an Attorney

When someone is injured in a motorcycle accident case, it is important that they are represented by an attorney. Insurance companies tend to have limited regard for anyone who is self-represented or tries to handle an injury case by themselves. However, when an attorney is involved, cases often resolve for much more than the initial offer. For example, in a case where a person was initially offered $10,000, the offers increased to $100,000 upon retraining representation.

By working with a law firm, you would have access to experts with specialized knowledge and abilities. This type of assistance could prove to be very beneficial when a high-level of analysis is needed to explain a technical piece of evidence. A law firm would be able to retain experts and advance costs on their behalf.

What Should Victims Know About Filing a Motorbike Injury Claim

The first piece of advice for someone who is injured in a motorcycle crash in Stratford is to focus on their treatment. They need to attend all medical appointments and do everything possible to get better. Refusing to do so could cast doubt over a potential injury claim, making it difficult to obtain compensation. In addition, by seeking medical attention, victims would also be creating a legal record of their injuries which could be presented in court as evidence.

Victims should also be weary of providing statements to an insurance company without an attorney present. It is common practice for an insurance company to try to use the victim’s words against them in hopes of reducing the amount they may have to pay in compensation.

How Could an Attorney Help?

An attorney can take on many responsibilities on your behalf to help you collect the compensation owed to you. For example, an attorney can sit with you during any conversations with insurance companies to protect you from saying anything that could be damaging to your claim. Insurance companies do not represent the interests belonging to the victim and would not advocate for them. Instead, they would investigate a victim’s claim and discover whether there are any ways to reduce the value of a claim. It is also important to bear in mind that even the slightest hint of guilt could have a negative impact on a compensation claim.

To learn more, or to get started on a case, feel free to schedule a free consultation today.