Waterbury Family Lawyer

Although most individuals are unfamiliar with family law, many people could benefit from the services that family attorneys provide. A Waterbury family lawyer could help you with all types of legal issues, including adoption, divorce-related issues, child-related matters, annulments, and any other legal issue involving you and your family. Call a skilled family attorney to discuss potential legal options that may best help preserve your family’s best interests.

Marriage Laws in Waterbury

Under General Statutes of Connecticut §46b-20a, an individual must usually be 18 years or old to marry another person. The two people may not be interrelated, a delineation which includes stepparents and stepchildren.

To apply for a marriage license, both individuals must state their basic biographical information, including name, age, race, and birthplace. They must also both sign the document and swear under penalty of perjury that the information they gave is correct, according to Gen. Stat. Conn. §46b-25.

The Possibility of Annulment

Annulment is the practice of rescinding or dissolving a marriage without having to go through the divorce process. Under Gen. Stat. Conn. §46b-40, a person may file for an annulment only if their marriage was void or voidable. The most common reasons a marriage may be void include:

  • Marriage between interrelated family members
  • Fraud or duress in obtaining the marriage
  • Lack of capacity to understand or consent to the marriage

A Waterbury family lawyer could provide further information on annulments, divorces, and the process for dissolving a marriage.

Taking Care of Children

In many situations where two individuals separate or divorce, they must deal with child custody issues. Connecticut courts have the power to decide whether one parent or both have custody of their children.

Under Gen. Stat. Conn. §46b-56, a court must decide upon a custody arrangement that best serves the interests of the child and ideally provides them with consistent involvement from both parents. To do so, a court may consider factors such as the needs of the child, capacity of each parent to care for the child, wishes of the child regarding custody and mental and physical health of all those involved.

Adoption Options

An individual may adopt a child in Connecticut once that child’s legal parents or guardians have terminated their parental rights. If the prospective parent is married, they must apply for adoption along with their spouse, according to Gen. Stat. Conn. §45a-732.

Adoptive parents must file an adoption application in probate court once the foster care or child placement agency that has custody of the child approves the adoption. Once the court receives the report, it would then set a hearing date. At the hearing, the court would approve the adoption application if it believes adoption is in the best interests of the child.

How a Waterbury Family Attorney Could Help

Family law problems are often difficult and involve multiple parties. As such, they may be sensitive and require a compassionate attorney. If you have a family law issue, an experienced Waterbury family lawyer is available to help you navigate the court system and receive the help you need. Contact an attorney today for help with your family law concerns.