Waterbury Bicycle Accident Lawyer

There has been an increase in the number of people choosing to ride bikes for exercise, transportation, and enjoyment. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in the number of bicycle accidents. Given that bicycles are much smaller than cars, trucks, and buses, any accident could cause serious harm to you and your property.

A skilled Waterbury bicycle accident lawyer could assist you after a crash. You may be able recover compensation for the harm you suffered. With help from an experienced injury attorney, you may begin building a favorable case.

The Law Emphasizes Bicycle Safety

Connecticut law helps protect the safety of bicyclists by governing the actions of those on the road. This includes rules for cyclists and harsh penalties for drivers who act recklessly.

For example, Connecticut General Statute §14-212c doubles the possible fine for a driver that fails to yield the right-of-way to a person riding a bicycle. If a violation of this statute leads to a bicycle accident, the offending vehicle may be liable for the damages caused to the injured bicyclist.

Bicyclists who are injured should contact a knowledgeable Waterbury bike crash lawyer as quickly as possible to begin going over the facts of the case. The evidence of harm sustained, such as bruises or the scene of crash, may be time sensitive. A legal representative could help collect this evidence to support a claim.

What if the Injured Bicyclist is Partially Responsible?

According to Connecticut law, injured bicyclists may be found partially responsible for causing an accident. In some states, an injured person is barred from recovering any compensation if they are even one percent at fault for the accident that caused their injury. This not the case in Connecticut.

Instead, Waterbury operates under the standard of comparative negligence. Enacted in Connecticut General Statute §52-572o, an injured person may still bring forth a claim for compensation even if they were partially responsible for the accident. However, the amount of compensation a plaintiff could receive is reduced by their percentage of fault.

In simple terms, if a bicyclist is found 25 percent at-fault for an accident, their potential damages awarded would decrease by 25 percent.

For help understanding how fault affects a specific case and could impact potential compensation, consult with a bicycle accident lawyer in Waterbury.

Speak to a Waterbury Bicycle Accident Attorney

An accident lawyer could help build a favorable case for compensation by collecting witness testimony and medical information and crafting a solid claim. Compensation may cover the wages lost as a result of the injury, medical bills, and the pain and suffering you sustained.

Recovering after a bike accident can seem impossible, especially if you are unable to work or face serious injuries. Thankfully, skilled legal counsel could help set your life in order again. Reach out to an attorney today to begin the process of documenting your injuries, filing a legal claim, and working towards a favorable outcome.