West Hartford Family Lawyer

Conflicts between family members can be agonizing, especially if they escalate to the point where a third party or court judge needs to step in to help resolve the dispute. By retaining a West Hartford family lawyer, you could make sure that your interests are protected while you pursue an amicable dispute to such a disagreement. In some situations, a compassionate attorney could even help deescalate a conflict by crafting a binding contract that outlines the rights and responsibilities of those involved.

Dissolution of Marriage

Perhaps the most common situation in which people in West Hartford to need a family attorney is if they are going through—or are about to go through—a divorce. Divorces are often complicated legal matters because they involve the separation of a married couple who is considered, in many circumstances, a singular legal entity. Dividing marital property, assigning financial support, and determining child care are all aspects of this process that can best be addressed with the help of a West Hartford family lawyer.

In some cases, though, a divorce is not the only option. Marriages have several requirements that need to be followed in order to be binding. If one of these requirements was not met, the marriage could end with an annulment rather than a divorce.

Adopting a Child

Adoptions can bring families together, but they can also often necessitate the help and expertise of a skilled attorney. This is especially the case when one of the people involved in the adoption changes their mind about what they want. Biological parents who suddenly want to keep their child, often despite their best interests, can make the adoption process very complicated.

Rights and Legal Responsibilities of Parents

Another scenario that can call for the help of a family lawyer in West Hartford is when a parent needs to establish paternity of their child. Proving paternity involves a legal process that can end with the assignment of legal rights and responsibilities.

Single mothers can benefit from initiating a paternity suit if they want to prove the identity of their child’s father and ensure he provides appropriate child support payments. On the other hand, fathers who want to claim legal custody rights can benefit from a paternity suit that proves their biological connection to the child.

Avoiding Dispute Resolution with Family Contracts

In many cases, these methods of dispute resolution can be avoided with a carefully drafted family contract, such as a prenuptial agreement or separation agreement. Writing these documents is not easy, and making sure that they include resolutions for all the aspects of the disputes on hand can be tricky. Ensuring that the document is enforceable in court is also critical, in case it is challenged later on.

Retain a West Hartford Family Attorney for Legal Guidance

If you and your spouse or other family member are having a serious dispute, hiring an experienced family attorney could prove to be a wise choice. With help of a West Hartford family lawyer, you could rest assured that your rights and interests are being protected and that you can move forward with confidence no matter what family issue you face.