West Hartford Divorce Lawyer

The possibility of an eventual divorce is usually the last thing that recently married couples want to think about. Unfortunately, though, a divorce is the end result of around half of the marriages that are finalized in the United States. Protecting your own interests relative to your spouse’s interests can be intellectually and emotionally challenging, but if a divorce does become necessary, a compassionate family attorney could work with you to streamline the process as much as possible. With a West Hartford divorce lawyer’s help, you could review all your options, identify your best interests, and work to ensure that those interests are protected so that you can move into your post-divorce future with greater certainty and ease. Call a dedicated family attorney to start reviewing your potential legal options.

Common Dispute Resolution Methods

Not all divorces go to trial. In fact, most divorce cases in West Hartford are resolved through one of several alternative dispute resolution processes.

The most common and least contentious of these processes is mediation. Mediation brings disagreeing spouses to a negotiation table to state their interests and, with the assistance and guidance of a mediator, find common ground and work towards a mutually-beneficial resolution to their disputes. Even if mediation does not resolve all the issues in a divorce, narrowing down the most contentious issues for a stricter form of dispute resolution can save valuable time and money.

Arbitration is more structured than mediation and centers around a neutral third party—the arbitrator—who takes a stand in the case rather than simply encouraging conversation. Arbitration is a valuable option for spouses who want formal assistance with making final decisions but also want to avoid a drawn-out legal battle.

Finally, divorce litigation involves West Hartford divorce lawyers for each spouse, a court date, and a trial if no separation agreement can be created or resolution reached. While often expensive and stressful, divorce trials can be effective ways for spouses to enforce their rights and protect their interests after a relationship dissolves.

Issues Addressed During the Divorce Process

Especially after a long relationship, a divorce can involve a variety of different arguments and issues. Typically, each unique matter needs to be resolved before the divorce can be finalized.

Some of the most important disputes have to do with a divorcing couple’s marital children, particularly the matters of financial support and physical and legal custody. The extent of the non-custodial parent’s visitation rights can also be a highly-contested discussion, even when both parents are fighting for the best interests of their children.

Spousal support is also a frequently contested issue, as lesser-earning parties often need regular payments from their higher-earning former partner to maintain the same standard of living immediately after a divorce. A divorce lawyer in West Hartford could be a huge help in protecting an individual spouse’s interests on this front.

Finally, distributing the marital estate in a fair and equitable fashion can lead to difficult conversations as well. Especially when the marriage lasted a long time or there was a substantial amount of wealth earned during the relationship, asset distribution conversations can quickly take a stressful turn.

Call a West Hartford Divorce Attorney for Legal Representation

If you are seeking or considering a divorce from your partner, going it alone through the legal system can be emotionally straining and drastically hamper your future prospects. By hiring a West Hartford divorce lawyer to represent you in court, argue on your behalf during arbitration, or help you through mediation, you could rest assured that you have a knowledgeable and supportive ally on your side every step of the way. Call now to schedule a consultation.