West Hartford Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Although most people in parking lots are traveling at slow speeds, a parking lot accident could still cause significant damage. In some cases, parking out collisions occur due to a driver’s failure to pay attention to what is around them. As a result, victims often sustain serious and/or fatal injuries.

Contacting a West Hartford parking lot accident lawyer is the first step towards potentially receiving compensation for a personal injury. A skilled attorney possesses the understanding behind filing an injury claim and helping you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Parking Lot Accident Injuries

If a person is critically hurt in an accident at any retail, restaurant, or parking lot, the symptoms of these injuries might not be apparent right away. Other complicated conditions like a traumatic brain injury can be shielded due to the victim’s body going into shock.

Other symptoms can take hours or days to develop. A person hurt in such an accident should always seek medical attention. Only doctors can use diagnostic testing to determine the true extent of their injuries.

Analyzing Settlement Options

Some cases are settled out of court when the insurance company presents an offer that is accepted by the injured party. Most insurance companies are counting on someone hurt in a parking lot to not contact a West Hartford parking lot accident lawyer and to settle the case instead.

However, signing anything from the insurance carrier without having a lawyer review is not recommended. Insurance companies present low settlement offers to close out the case quickly, but this does not always mean it is in the injured party’s best interests. An attorney can file a case in court and prepare the claim for trial while also exploring settlement options.

Obtaining Compensation in Parking Lot Accident Cases

Victims may be eligible to receive compensation unless they were more than 50 percent responsible for the accident’s occurrence. In a parking lot crash, it is much easier for a pedestrian to argue that a driver was speeding or otherwise inattentive.

However, if the accident involves two vehicle drivers, both parties may argue that the other party is responsible. Preparing for a case like this requires gathering evidence at the scene, such as pictures and statements from eyewitnesses.

An injured person can recover damages such as medical bills, lost wages from missed days at work, pain and suffering, and more. Each case is unique, which is why any accident victim should consider getting in touch with a parking garage accident attorney in West Hartford before allowing the two-year claim limitation period to expire.

Retaining a West Hartford Parking Lot Accident Attorney

Since most people are under the impression that parking lot accidents only lead to mild injuries, it may seem simple enough to file an insurance claim, accept a payout, and move on with life. However, victims often underestimate the strength of personal injury claims.

To protect your right to recover full compensation under the law, retain the support of a West Hartford parking lot accident lawyer who is not afraid to fight for your rights. To get started on you claim, be sure to schedule a consultation today.