West Hartford Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

Rear end accidents are some of the most common across rural and urban streets in Connecticut today. Many victims do not realize the severe injuries these accidents may cause, even when both parties are traveling at relatively low speeds. Being struck from behind can cause the driver’s head and neck to slam forward and back very quickly, leading to serious brain and upper body injuries.

If you have suffered an injury at the hands of a negligent driver, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with an experienced injury attorney. A West Hartford rear-end car accident lawyer could work with you to hold the careless party accountable for their recklessness.

Injuries and Damages in Accidents

Many victims in a rear end accident suffer injuries such as whiplash, concussions, broken bones, fractures, and more. It is often the case that a victim has multiple injuries from the same accident. When this occurs, filing a lawsuit in a timely fashion becomes even more important.

A victim who waits too long to file litigation could be blocked from substantial recovery of damages such as lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills from injury treatments. If a victim waits too long to try to settle with the insurance company and the statute of limitations passes, the defendant would most likely file a motion to dismiss the case.

Victims frequently struggle to determine the true value of their claim, especially since some of the formal diagnosis process occurs weeks or months after the accident happened. This is why a West Hartford rear-end car accident lawyer should be hired immediately. A skilled attorney would know more about how to determine a fair settlement offer.

Protecting a Victim’s Rights to File a Claim

Connecticut is a modified comparative negligence case. If a victim can successfully show that they were responsible for less than 51 percent of the accident, recovery is possible.

The other side would probably argue that the victim played some role in the accident. Negligence in rear-end cases is fairly easy to establish, since the driver responsible was often speeding, tailgating, or not paying attention. No case, however, should be viewed as clear-cut. Preparing evidence is a process assisted by an attorney who understands these common tactics and who knows how to respond.

Hiring a West Hartford Rear End Car Accident Attorney

If you try to pursue the case on your own, you may be up against well-versed insurance company representatives who are trained to offer low settlement options or even deny your claim. Accepting an early settlement offer is a big mistake if that payment does not fully compensate the injured party. Signing such offer blocks that victim from ever filing a lawsuit, but this is a common mistake made by many who are tempted by the offer of a quick lump sum.

Hire a dedicated West Hartford rear-end car accident lawyer who understands the law. An attorney with a track record of protecting victims could stand by your side and fight to get you the compensation needed to put this accident behind you. If you have already been hurt, time is of the essence. Schedule a consultation today with a trusted lawyer who can handle your case.