West Hartford Side-Impact Accident Lawyer

Being hit from the side can critically injure a car passenger or driver. The experience of living through the accident is one filled with shock and confusion for a victim. Such an experience could cause you to lose wages, potentially impacting you and your family in many ways.

A West Hartford side-impact accident lawyer should be retained to discuss your legal options for getting compensated for another person’s negligent behavior. Schedule a consultation with a skilled attorney to learn more about your options for recovery.

Negligence in a Side-Impact Crash

More often than not, negligence is easily determined in a side-impact crash. If the other driver ran through a red light or turned when they did not have the right of way, the victim is well positioned to show how the other driver caused the crash.

Even in cases in which it appears relatively obvious how the crash occurred, a victim should be fully prepared to collect and show evidence in court. This is because Connecticut is a modified comparative fault state.

If the other driver argues that the victim was more than half responsible for the accident with the court in agreeance, the victim may not be able to receive compensation for injuries or damages. Putting together a compelling case with evidence about how the accident happened is essential for maximum damage recovery.

Recovering Compensation Post-Accident

Connecticut allows personal injury victims a maximum of two years from the accident date to file a legal claim. Anyone who files beyond that point would have their claim barred and their route to recovery blocked.

Although the insurance company would be the first point of contact for compensation, plenty of cases fail to successfully settle with the insurance carrier. If a resolution is not achieved with the other party’s insurance company, a victim should not hesitate to file a personal injury claim. Damages paid out to victims in these cases may include lost wages, past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, and any other expenses related to the accident’s resulting injuries.

It is the victim’s responsibility to use medical records and other evidence to support the diagnosis of medical conditions. However, if a victim finds this responsibility difficult to fulfill, a West Hartford side-impact car accident lawyer could be of assistance.

Filing a Lawsuit After an Accident

Not every personal injury case would proceed to litigation. Many personal injury cases in Connecticut are resolved outside of court. However, these early settlement offers from insurance companies should be evaluated carefully to verify they reflect the full amount of damages.

A West Hartford side-impact accident lawyer can file a case to assist a victim with full recovery of available damages. Whether this T-bone accident was caused by someone who was not paying attention, was under the influence of alcohol, or was driving recklessly through an intersection, a victim’s injuries can be severe. A lawsuit is first served to the other party before preliminary hearings, depositions, and exchange of evidence occurs in discovery.

Services Provided by a West Hartford Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

Handling a car accident claim on your own is not recommended. The filing of the case, the presentation of evidence, and negotiations with the insurance company are just a few of the ways that a West Hartford side-impact accident lawyer plays a key role in the case of a victim who has been critically hurt. For more information, schedule an appointment with an attorney today.