West Hartford Paralysis Injury Lawyer

A paralysis injury can change the way in which an individual goes about their daily routine. In addition, paralysis injuries may render an individual more vulnerable to other conditions than they would have been prior to the injury. If you have sustained a paralysis injury due to the negligence of a person or company, you should familiarize yourself regarding the facts of your situation and the legal options which may be available to you.

It could be difficult to even consider wading through the legal process without a knowledgeable injury attorney by your side. Instead of tackling the legal process on your own, contact a West Hartford paralysis injury lawyer for guidance and advice regarding the paralysis injury which you sustained due to another party’s negligence.

Comparative Negligence in West Hartford Paralysis Injury Claims

Various states have different laws regarding comparative fault. A negligent party may raise the issue of comparative fault on the basis that the injured party contributed to their own injuries. In Connecticut, if an injured party was also negligent, they may still be able to recover damages from the other party. Under Connecticut General Statutes Annotated § 52-572h, as long as the injured party’s own negligence was not greater than the negligence of the other party, they may still recover reduced damages.

It could be important to discuss issues relating to fault with a paralysis injury lawyer in West Hartford. Although paralysis injuries may arise from many different settings and contexts, there may be reports, photos, or videos which an attorney could analyze in preparation for arguments relating to shared fault.

Whether an injured individual wishes to resolve their claim by settlement or trial verdict, any fault that they bear in the accident may affect the value of the case. For example, if an injured party sustained a paralysis injury in a car accident, they might face an argument that they contributed to their own injuries if they were speeding when a careless driver ignored a stop sign and struck their vehicle. If the injured party bears 10 percent of the fault, they may recover damages subject to a 10 percent reduction.

Recoverable Damages in a Paralysis Injury Case

There are various types of damages which may or may not apply to a particular personal injury case. For example, punitive damages are typically reserved for cases involving particularly egregious behavior. If negligence is the only basis of the injury claim, the injured party might not be able to recover punitive damages.

However, there are many categories of damages which an injured party may recover in a paralysis injury claim. Medical expenses may be significant in a case involving a paralysis injury. Both past and future medical expenses may be a consideration if a medical expert states that future medical care is necessary. Loss of income is a common concern for individuals who suffer a paralysis injury. The inability to do one’s customary work or any work at all could result in a loss of income which may be recoverable. Consultation with a West Hartford paralysis injury lawyer could provide clarification regarding economic and non-economic damages.

Call a West Hartford Paralysis Injury Attorney

You most likely have many concerns following a paralysis injury, but corresponding with an insurance adjuster does not have to be one of them. By retaining the services of a compassionate injury attorney, you are giving yourself a strong chance to recover the compensation you deserve. An attorney could take on most of the responsibilities that come with filing an injury claim as well, such as acting as an advocate on your behalf and helping you with the calculation of damages. Contact a West Hartford paralysis injury lawyer to gate started on your injury claim today.