West Hartford Defective Products Lawyer

Defective products can range from toys and kitchen appliances to cars and tools. Even though a consumer uses the product as intended, it could still cause harm if it is defective. A manufacturer or seller could be liable for damages stemming from a defective product.

If you suspect that a defective product was the cause of your injury, you might benefit from a consultation with a determined personal injury attorney. To avoid any deadlines for filing a claim, contact a West Hartford defective products lawyer to get started on building your claim.

Proving a West Hartford Dangerous Products Claim

To hold a manufacturer or seller liable for damages, the injured party must demonstrate that a failure to provide adequate warnings, a manufacturing defect, or a design defect led to their injuries. The manner in which the injured party was using the product at the time of the injury could also be critical. If the injured party was using the product in an unforeseeable way or using a modified version of the product, a defendant would likely raise a defense based on these uses.

Either strict liability or negligence is the basis for many defective products lawsuits. Negligence, in this case, is the failure to use reasonable care. If an injured party proceeds under a strict liability theory, they may not have to prove that the manufacturer or seller was negligent. There are a few other legal theories under which an injured party may proceed. A defective products lawyer in West Hartford could examine a case for applicability of other theories.

By filing a defective products injury claim, victims may be able to recover lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering among other damages. Future medical costs, as well as past medical costs, may also be recoverable.

Filing Deadline for West Hartford Defective Products Claims

Civil claims have a statute of limitations. The statute sets the filing deadline for a particular type of claim. Connecticut General Statutes § 52-577a states that an individual who has been harmed or injured by a defective product has three years to file a lawsuit. Typically, the statute of limitations begins to run on the date of the injury, but the discovery rule could apply. In order to determine the date by which a lawsuit must be filed, an injured individual could consult a West Hartford defective products attorney.

Additionally, the statute of limitations is important because it could bar an injured individual’s financial recovery. A court may dismiss a claim that an injured individual filed after the deadline passed. Late filing could mean that an injured individual loses the right to recover damages. Therefore, injured individuals should reach out to a seasoned lawyer right away.

How a West Hartford Defective Products Attorney Could Help

Manufacturers and sellers have a responsibility to produce reasonably safe products for the public to consume. If defects or inadequate warnings render a product dangerous, then the manufacturer or seller should be held accountable. Do not delay in pursuing your claim if you suspect that your injury was caused by a defective product. A seasoned attorney could examine evidence in an effort to estimate the true value of your case. Contact a West Hartford defective products lawyer for guidance in handling your claim.