West Hartford Birth Injury Lawyer

If you suspect that your child suffered a birth injury, or you or a loved one suffered an injury during childbirth, you might wish to investigate the legal options available to you. It is important that physicians and other medical professionals provide the level of care that their patients deserve, and when they do not, they should be held accountable.

When health care providers fail to provide adequate care to their patients, serious injuries can occur. A qualified attorney may be able to provide assistance if a medical professional’s negligence led to a severe injury. Call a West Hartford birth injury lawyer to get started on building your claim today.

How Individuals with Birth Injuries May Recover Damages

Most birth injury cases reach a settlement without the need for a trial. If the opposing parties can come to an agreement through negotiation or mediation, the need to go to court could be avoidable. However, if the offered settlement does not justify the damages sustained, a birth injury attorney in West Hartford could file a lawsuit to recover the damages you are owed.

In order for parents to recover damages in Connecticut, they must have their lawsuit filed within two years of the birth injury. In some cases, an individual may have up to three years to file a birth injury lawsuit, but it is important to file as soon as possible. If an individual fails to file a lawsuit by the filing deadline, they could lose their right to recover damages.

Damages in a West Hartford birth injury case may include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A mother or child who sustains a birth injury could also face permanent disability or impairment. It is important to have an assessment of future damages prior to accepting a settlement offer.

Medical Errors and Birth Injuries in West Hartford

Physicians and other medical professionals owe a duty of care to the patients that they treat. When a medical professional fails to meet the standard of care and injuries occur as a result of their negligence, they may be liable for damages. Not every birth injury is a result of negligence. However, having a West Hartford birth injury lawyer review medical records and obtain expert opinions could be crucial to a case.

Various types of birth injuries may occur due to a physician’s negligence. Common birth injuries for which a medical professional may be liable include:

  • Hypoxic or anoxic brain injury
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Paralysis
  • Brachial plexus
  • Uterine rupture
  • Broken bones or fractures

There are many ways in which a medical professional could deviate from the standard of care and cause a birth injury. A medical professional’s failure to detect complications, failure to respond appropriately to complications, and improper use of forceps could lead to a serious birth injury that victims must endure for the rest of their lives.

Call a West Hartford Birth Injury Attorney Today

Delays can be detrimental to a birth injury claim. If you suspect that a medical professional’s negligence led to you or your child’s birth injury, you may wish to speak with a compassionate attorney about your legal options as soon as you can. Birth injury cases can be complex. It could be beneficial to have someone on your side to protect your legal interests. Contact a West Hartford birth injury lawyer for a confidential consultation today.