West Hartford Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury while visiting the property of another person or entity, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your damages. Property owners are responsible for the condition of their property, and if they are aware or should have been aware of a possible hazard on their property but did not act to remove or cordon off the danger, they may be civilly liable for resulting injuries.

After seeking appropriate medical care, your next step should be to contact a seasoned West Hartford premises liability lawyer. With the help of a dedicated personal injury attorney, you may be able to recover full and fair financial compensation. En Español.

What is Premises Liability in West Hartford?

If an injury is caused by an unsafe or defective condition on the property of another party, the legal concept of premises liability may apply. Property owners and certain caretakers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their property is safe. As such, a property owner or caretaker can be found negligent if they fail to use reasonable care when providing care and maintenance to the property.

Suffering injury on the property of another party does not necessarily mean the injured person has a premise liability claim. To prove liability, the injured party must show that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition and failed to act to prevent injury. A knowledgeable West Hartford premises liability attorney could help determine if a claim has merit along these lines.

Examples of Premises Liability Claims

While slipping and falling accidents typify many premises liability cases, there are many other circumstances in which the negligence of a property owner can cause injury to an invitee. For instance, premises liability claims may center around any of the following:

  • Snow and ice accidents
  • Poor maintenance of the property
  • Defective conditions on the property
  • Lack of building security leading to injury or assault
  • Accidents on elevators and escalators
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Amusement park accidents

Whether a wet spill in the supermarket was ignored by staff or left for too long without a warning sign, or a loose rug in an apartment complex caused a fall, a premises liability lawyer in West Hartford could help.

When to File a Premises Liability Lawsuit

After a serious injury, it is only natural to focus on healing and following the advice of medical professionals. This alone can be a momentous task, not to mention trying to keep up with work, family responsibilities, and paying bills. Potential plaintiffs may believe that once their life settles down a bit, they could then contact a lawyer to discuss their legal options.

What accident victims may not realize is that they only have a set amount of time to pursue justice in their case. According to Connecticut General Statutes §52-584, any lawsuit regarding premises liability must be filed within two years of the date of the accident.

Known as the statute of limitations, this deadline typically bars victims from recovering once it has expired. Consulting with legal counsel sooner rather than later could help ensure that injured parties can pursue all the damages they may be entitled to receive.

What a West Hartford Premises Liability Attorney Could Do to Help

A West Hartford premises liability lawyer could help determine if you might be entitled to compensation under the law. If so, they could work with you to craft a case that shows how the defendant is liable for your damages.

By meeting with an attorney as soon as possible after your accident, you could help ensure that your case is filed on time and that your legal rights are not in jeopardy. Call today to set up your initial consultation.