West Haven Family Lawyer

When searching for a family law attorney, it is important to search for someone that has a practical and realistic approach to reaching your goals. An attorney that promises a client everything that they want is unlikely to understand the nuances of the practice area since it is rare for anyone to get everything that they want in a family law case.

If you have a family law matter in West Haven, you will need the help of an attorney that is honest, knowledgeable, and regularly practice family law, which allows them to set realistic expectations for your case.

Whether you are planning for an upcoming marriage, divorcing a spouse, negotiating a marital agreement, or establishing custody arrangements after the birth of a child, it is important to consult an experienced West Haven family lawyer to ensure that your best interests are protected. Compassionate and understanding family law attorneys can work hard to protect the rights of your and your family.

Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that a couple enters into before an impending marriage that gives each of them security. It specifies the division of assets and/or debt in the event of a divorce and can define specific rights, such as providing monetary incentives for each year that they remain married or for each child that is born during the marriage. Essentially, if the parties divorce, a prenuptial agreement limits the number of issues to debate since many will be established prior to the marriage.

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the wealthy, although those that have substantial assets benefit in entering into the agreements as well. A premarital agreement is right for anyone that has an asset that they would like to protect in the event that their marriage is not successful.

For some, that could be property that is inherited from a deceased spouse, which is intended for their children. For others, interest in a family-owned business may be the asset that must be protected.

Marital Agreement

A marital agreement is a contract that a married couple enters into, which establishes what assets and/or debts belong to each in the event of separation or divorce. It has the same effect as a prenuptial agreement.

A couple may choose to enter into a marital agreement when one party wins the lottery, inherits a large sum of money or valuable asset, or some other significant change occurs or is anticipated in the relationship, after which the parties opt to create a new safeguard in the relationship.

A marital agreement, like a prenuptial agreement, must meet specific requirements before it is valid and enforceable. To ensure enforceability, both parties must fully disclose their assets to ensure that the other party is aware of what the other party has, what they are agreeing to accept, and what they are giving up. Not doing so may result in the court discarding the entirety of the agreement.

Contacting West Haven Family Attorney

An experienced family law attorney in West Haven can guide a client through the process of drafting or negotiating a premarital agreement, marital agreement, or separation agreement, among other family law matters. To that end, a skilled attorney takes the time to get to know you, your financial status, the other party’s financial status, your current needs, and your anticipated needs.

For more information and to discuss your specific family matter in West Haven, contact a West Haven family attorney that can provide you with thoughtful and logical advice.