Westport Gun Lawyer

The Connecticut Constitution states that every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of themselves and the state. While the right to bear arms is guaranteed in the state Constitution, courts in Connecticut have permitted reasonable restrictions on the constitutional right. Contact a Westport gun lawyer today to understand your rights after an arrest or during an investigation for gun possession violation charges. Restrictions include:

  • An assault weapon ban
  • Limit the right of a person to carry a gun
  • Limit possession of guns by felons

These restrictions can have serious consequences, so legal representation from a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Westport is essential in combating these charges.

Common Offenses

The conflict between the right to bear arms and the restrictions imposed by the state play out in the criminal charges available for weapons or firearm violations. They include:

  • Possessing a firearm while on parole
  • Possessing a firearm with a restraining order against you
  • Possessing a firearm after a felony conviction
  • Modifying a semi-automatic to an automatic weapon
  • Sawing off the barrel of a shotgun
  • Erased serial numbers
  • Possessing illegal ammunition
  • Modifying ammunition
  • Failure to perform a background check
  • Violating a firearm dealer’s license

If charged with any of these offenses, a Westport gun attorney is imperative in order to build the strongest defense possible.

Westport Gun Laws

There are specific firearm laws in Westport to be aware of to avoid charges. A person must be 21 and over to possess a handgun in Connecticut. There is a two-week waiting period between the date the permit to purchase a long gun is obtained and date of purchase of the long gun. This provision only applies to sales, deliveries, and transfers prior to April 1, 2014.

Connecticut distinguishes between handguns, rifles, and shotguns. These firearms require owners to obtain licenses and permits to register the firearms.

Rifles and Shotguns Handguns
Licensing of Owners Yes Yes
Permit to Carry No Yes
Permit to Purchase Yes Yes
Registration of Firearms Yes No

While it is possible to carry a pistol or revolver openly, care must be taken not to alarm anyone who may see it.

Banned Assault Weapons

Since 1993, possessing an assault weapon in Connecticut is illegal. However, as a Westport gun lawyer cna explain, a limited exception applies to individuals who were able to receive a certificate of possession from the Connecticut State Police prior to July 1994.

Must File a Police Report For Loss or Theft of a Firearm

Within 72 hours from the loss or theft, a firearm owner must file a report for loss or theft of a firearm.

Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Every state has their own laws regarding gun ownership and gun carrying laws. For example, even though a person may have a valid concealed carry permit in Connecticut, they cannot drive through New York with a gun in their car. The Connecticut gun owner would be violating New York’s gun laws.

Contact a Westport Gun Lawyer

Both state and federal laws criminalize possession of firearms under certain conditions. Many times, people are caught up in sting operations or have someone inform on them prior to being formerly arrested. A proper defense of a weapons violation matter involves extensive research and investigations by a Westport firearms lawyer of the eyewitnesses and government actors when the arrest followed a sting operation.

If you are under investigation for violating a state or federal weapons violation, schedule an immediate consultation with a gun attorney in Westport.