Westport Adoption Lawyer

Adopting a child can bring a great deal of joy to anyone’s life, but it is also a very complicated legal proceeding. If you are interested in adoption, getting advice from a Westport adoption lawyer who knows all about family law is crucial to making sure that the process is a success.

Courts and adoption agencies will always look at the best interests of the child. Prospective adoptive parents must be ready to prove that they can provide a supportive home for the child – not just financially, but in every way. Contacting a compassionate family law attorney is an important step in the process.

Knowing the Law

State law governs most aspects of adoptions, although federal law may be a factor sometimes. If the birth mother and adoptive parents live in different states, the attorney must thoroughly research all aspects of the relevant family law in both places.

Nowadays, many adoptions are international in nature, involving babies that are born in Europe, Asia, or Africa. Westport adoption lawyers take into consideration many aspects of a case, including what legal rules in these other countries could affect the adoption, what happens if the country changes its policies while the adoption is still pending.

One very important issue is the rights of the biological parents, if any. This is an area that has changed a great deal in recent decades. In decades past, adoptions were often a secretive matter. In present time, the usual practice is to have a great deal of openness between birth and adopting families. Even if a birth mother signs documents giving up all her rights with respect to the child, legal problems could arise later if she says that she was coerced into doing so. All contracts must be drafted carefully.

Legal Advice for All

It is necessary for the birth mother to have her own separate legal counsel, so that a court can be satisfied that all actions were taken in compliance with all relevant law. In some jurisdictions, the law allows the birth mother to relinquish her rights right away after the baby is born, while others require a waiting period.

Depending on the state, her relinquishment may be irrevocable upon signing or after a limited waiting period, usually an exact number of days ranging from two to 30 but sometimes continuing several months until the adoption is finalized in court.

Effective adoption attorneys in Westport will help their clients in long–term planning, which can involve exchanges of letters or pictures (directly or through an intermediary such as an adoption agency), and sometimes even visits with birth parents.

Rights of the Father

Rights that might be asserted by the biological father must also be taken into consideration. If he is married to the birth mother or has otherwise officially taken responsibility for the child, then he could try to derail the adoption unless his interests have been taken into account.

Even a non-married father can sometimes emerge and assert rights with respect to the child. Advances in DNA technology have made it easier for men to demonstrate paternity.

Some states require that birth mothers receive counseling by a social worker or another mental health professional before the adoption becomes final.

Contacting a Westport Adoption Attorney

The adoption of a child is a very complicated legal matter that can only be successful if the rights of all parties are carefully considered at every stage.

Adoption can bring a great deal of happiness to your life, but it is important to get the best legal advice from a Westport adoption lawyer to make sure the process goes smoothly.