Westport Personal Injury Lawyer

Any personal injury is an unfortunate event that can bring chaos and uncertainty with it. People who have been in car accidents, received improper medical treatment, or, suffered an injury while on the job may suffer severe injuries that affect not only their physical wellbeing but their financial security and quality of life. When incidents such as these occur because of another person’s actions, the injured party has a right to seek justice through legal action.

Those who cause injury to others are responsible for the consequences of their actions, regardless of whether an act was intentional or not. Anyone hurt by the negligent conduct of another person may benefit from the counsel from a Westport personal injury lawyer. Though recovering after injury can be daunting, a caring personal injury attorney could explain the legal options available to you and take the lead in aggressively pursuing compensation on your behalf.

Negligent Causes of Personal Injuries

Though it may be unpleasant to think about, daily tasks such as shopping for groceries, driving to work, or taking a leisurely bike ride could result in serious and potentially life-changing injuries. Often, these injuries happen because another person acted negligently.

However, people who do this may be liable for the harm they cause. Even if they had no intention to cause harm to a plaintiff, someone who causes an accident could be held civilly liable for damage caused based on the legal theory of negligence.

In many Westport personal injury cases, defendants assume a reasonable duty to protect those around them. However, if they fail to uphold this duty and cause harm, they could be held responsible for the damage they cause inadvertently or intentionally. A Westport personal injury lawyer could work with harmed people to evaluate the circumstances that led to their injury, identify proper defendants, and determine how negligence impacted the situation.

Potential Sources of Compensation

Though a plaintiff may suffer economic harm or emotional stress after an accident, Westport courts usually require personal injury claimants to have suffered a physical injury in order to seek compensation. The physical injury the case is based around can vary in severity, and most victims in personal injury cases are able to eventually make a full recovery from their injuries.

However, any injury that necessitates medical intervention could be the inciting factor for a personal injury claim. Some claimants may suffer minor physical harm, such as sprained joints, cuts and scrapes, and broken bones, while others may face difficult recovery paths from severe injuries such as:

  • Concussions and other brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries that may result in paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Severe burns

Non-Physical Damages

Physical injuries are not the only potential source of compensation in personal injury cases. For example, a severe change in the quality of life or wages lost due to time missed from work could both help support a personal injury lawsuit.

Following an injury, damages claim should take account of all losses endured by the victim. These may range from the costs of medical treatment to the effects of mental anguish suffered. While quantifying the true cost of harm sustained in an injury can be complicated, a personal injury lawyer in Westport could help injured people calculate damages and ensure a claim is filed properly.

Speaking with a Westport Personal Injury Attorney

While all personal injuries could have a devastating effect on someone’s health and quality of life, not every incident is a compensable event. Only when a plaintiff is able to demonstrate physical harm, as well as the fact that another person’s negligence led directly to that harm, would the court move forward with a case demanding the defendant provide compensation for harm.

Fortunately, injured people do have to work alone to build their claims. Accident victims who retain a Westport personal injury lawyer could have a dedicated ally to help explain relevant laws, gather evidence, communicate with insurance companies, and present a strong and thorough claim for compensation to the court. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin building your claim today.